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  • Sabrina Renee

Our Body Wants to Heal and Repair

Updated: Apr 1, 2019

We only get one body and it's not getting any younger. My parents are always talking about how old they feel and how when I get to be their age, I'll understand.

Well you know something? Everything I have been learning about has to do with healing our body with whole foods, exercise, detoxing, proper nutrition, quality supplements, meditation and self-care. Why not LIVE life and have FUN doing it?

My mom has been diagnosed with 5 autoimmune diseases. So life can bring numerous challenges for her on any given day. But autoimmune disease shouldn't be the norm. Sadly, we all know several people who suffer and it's becoming more common than any of us are comfortable with. Heart disease, obesity and Type 2 diabetes is on the rise and now there is this special little category for "pre-diabetics". I know because I had test results indicating that I was headed down that road.....right along with my parents....NO THANK YOU! But check out the cause of my blood sugar hooplah?

Hormonal Imbalance

Low Vitamin D

Low Magnesium

Adrenal Fatigue That was 2 years ago. I couldn't even go 2 hours without eating because I felt weird and panicked. It drove my husband nuts!

I'm not even going to touch on the depression and anxiety issues I have battled with on and off my entire adult life. More on that another time.

Our body is designed to heal and repair itself. But there's a little secret behind that. We need to give it the right things it needs to do what it wants to do.

I see a ND and have a community of people who have taught me a wealth of information that have benefited me greatly.

Has it been easy? Absolutely not!

But it has been worth it! I've learned SO much!

So, yes....our body is getting older but we can take the reigns of our own health and work towards healing and living the BEST life today that we were meant to live.

Drink plenty of water.

Eat nutrient dense foods.

Cut down on the inflammation in your body.

Get moving!

Take quality supplements.


Take time to rest....and make sure you get plenty of quality sleep!

Have sex!

ENJOY LIFE and have FUN!

Because at the end of the day, your body is a blessing and you only have ONE in this lifetime. #healing #inflammation #nutrition #rest #adrenals #autoimmune #healthyliving #depression #anxiety #detox #wholefoods #healthcoach #lifecoach

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