Our Body Wants to Heal and Repair

We only get one body and it's not getting any younger. My parents are always talking about how old they feel and how when I get to be their age, I'll understand. Well you know something? Everything I have been learning about has to do with healing our body with whole foods, exercise, detoxing, proper nutrition, quality supplements, meditation and self-care. Why not LIVE life and have FUN doing it? My mom has been diagnosed with 5 autoimmune diseases. So life can bring

Are the "Bells" in Your Life Building You or Breaking You?

I was talking with a friend the other day and she shared a funny story I wanted to pass along. She owned a ferret a while ago and was frustrated because the ferret was always escaping and she was unable to find it for hours at a time. When she did, he was in the oddest of places. So she came up with this brilliant idea to always know where he was....put a bell around his neck so she would hear him and find him more quickly. Genius! Or.....maybe not so much. It wasn't long be