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It was when I stopped searching
 for home within others
 and lifted the foundations
of home within myself
I found there were no roots
more intimate 
than those
between a mind and body
that have decided 
to be whole.
~ Rupi Kaur 

Hey there!  Thanks for taking some time to poke around my site! 

I'm Sabrina and I'm a bit of a self-proclaimed health geek.  I didn't always make healthy choices and that eventually led to some fairly uncomfortable health issues ranging from hormonal imbalances, anxiety and depression, adrenal fatigue, carb intolerance, insulin resistance, elevated cholesterol & triglycerides, a sluggish thyroid and weight gain.  

I went from being the skinny girl who could consume anything she wanted to, to being 45 lbs overweight with a host of health concerns.  

I was physically exhausted, emotionally overwhelmed, mentally "checked-out" and I felt like I was walking in the midst of a fog.  

I lost muscle and gained most of my weight around my mid-section and in my back.  My joints were stiff and ached.  The tendons in my feet were incredibly inflamed, causing a great deal of discomfort when I did something as simple as walking. 

You see, I lived in a constant state of anxiety as I went through the everyday motions of raising a family of 4 kids and taking care of our home.  

My husband would look at me and say, "You need to make some changes or you're going to die."  

I needed help.  I didn't understand why my body had drastically changed.  I no longer recognized the reflection in the mirror. 

But I had a dirty little secret. 

I told everyone I was trying to lose weight and ditch the sugar but I learned to consume large amounts of "silly carbs" and "junk" in secret.  I'd "do well" for a few weeks, maybe even a month. Then the cravings would ensnare me and I would unleash the sugar beast. 

I began to recognize a pattern and it was rooted in a deep sense of loneliness. I could literally be in a room filled with people and feel...entirely alone. I couldn't expect anyone else to fill that void entirely. It was more deeply rooted than any human could possibly reach.


As I became more aware of my thinking and behaviors, I believed it was from so many years of self neglect and a growing resentment towards my husband for not allowing me to be the "perfect little wife" I dreamed up as a child.

Does that even exist?  No.  But the desire to be "perfect" has been very real and has kept me from pursuing a lot of things over the years.

I'm a caretaker and I married a man who honestly is completely content taking care of himself. He was a bachelor for years and consequently is very independent. That is a blessing to many but for someone who places value on taking care of others, it can sting.

This codependent personality of mine needed to be put to death because I finally realized I had told myself for years that ...I am not needed. At least that has been my interpretation. As a result, I had developed these eating habits that brought ample guilt and shame.

The struggle has been real.

I believe it's important to be transparent with one another about our own journey in an effort to build community and transform lives.  

My desire is to help other women who have gone through similar situations and find themselves backed into a corner and not really knowing where to begin.  

This is about life transformation!  

The journey truly begins when we recognize we can no longer do it on our own and reach out to others who have gone before us and come out on the other side. 

Stronger, wiser, whole and ready to RISE! 

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